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Coffee With Joel

My art, and photography

Most of what I shoot is within three or four blocks of where I live.  
The challenge is to make the very familiar new, striking, and dramatic....

Sometimes it works, sometimes I just end up damned cold and ready for a shower.

But experiencing nature is always worth it.

Often times I’m holding my camera at weird angles where I can’t actually see what I’m shooting. So it ends up being a kind of visual crap shoot. In general I tend to believe intention is an accident at best.


Whether it's choice, bad luck, good fortune, or misfortune — I tend to isolate myself. People are amazing. People are incredible. But people are often also a “distraction” from an inner voice and can dull creative perceptions.


It wouldn’t shock me if I am using photography to ultimately climb out of isolation and connect with others. After all, the cosmic clown and Dr Phil are always at work.

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